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Deluxe Spain creates a unique climate in this series shot with ARRI Alexa and network in ‘Refugee’ Epic

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Deluxe has been responsible for management content of filming and the works of forming, color correction and deliveries. Photography has been in charge of Jacobo Martínez, while Ximo Michavila has been responsible for color correction.


Deluxe Spain has played a decisive role in the final look that the new series of bamboo productions and Atresmedia, refugees. Without a doubt, this production for LaSexta is a technically superior project with a seal of quality that will mark a before and an after in fiction in Spain.

Vanessa Ruiz-Larrea, commercial Director of Deluxe Spain, acknowledges that «for us it was a real pleasure being part of this project of fiction, by the challenges and above all confirm the technical abilities and the talent that we have in Spain to carry out series to the same level as that they consume from outside».



The photography, in the service of the story and very consistent with the plot, has been in charge of Jacobo Martínez. Deluxe has been responsible for managing the content of shoot (back ups) and works of forming, color correction and deliveries.

Color correction has been in the hands of Ximo Michavila, who has ensured that «Jacobo Martínez, cinematographer, did a great job with the drawbacks posed by the shooting in natural settings and a frenetic rhythm characteristic of this series of productions, and giving it an aesthetic sense new and adequate characteristics narrative without any conditions».


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